The Story of Robbie Maddison Children's Book

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Product image 1The Story of Robbie Maddison Children's Book
Product image 2The Story of Robbie Maddison Children's Book
Product image 3The Story of Robbie Maddison Children's Book

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In the world of free style motocross Robbie Maddison is truly a legend! From humble beginnings growing up in a small coastal town on the south coast of NSW to the roaring crowds on the world stage the Robbie Maddison story is nothing short of inspirational! It is many a kids dream to ride their motor bike over the biggest jumps or to safely attempt some new super trick that defies the odds, well Robbie is living that dream! This new book written and illustrated by world renowned and multi award winning children's book illustrator and Author Garry Fleming is simply captivating!

Based on actual events it tells the true story of Robbie's childhood, his ambitions to become a global superstar and his hard work and dedication in getting there. The book has a number of important messages for kids who want to "dream big" and includes some special words from Robbie himself, as well as a list of his many world record breaking jumps, stunts  and feats. As the cover of the book reads "Robbie Maddison grew up an ordinary boy, in an ordinary house, in an ordinary neighbourhood" but this is no ordinary story!


From Garry Fleming:

I have been a children's writer and illustrator for more than 30 years. Every now and again a story that "stands out" or captivates me as a creator comes along and I have to say the Robbie Maddison story is one such story. I was very humbled when Robbie and his team approached me to take on such an amazing and challenging project. It took us about 18 months to complete, with loads of heart and soul from both Robbie and myself going into the story line and the illustrations. I wanted to capture the very essence of what this guy has achieved and how big dreams and hard work can take you places you never imagined!! It is a very important message to deliver to kids, from a very humble superstar! It was a pleasure and a privilege to work on this book RM it has a very special place in my book cabinet! GF.


From Robbie Maddison:

As a young boy from the south coast of Australia, I never thought it was possible for me to realise my dream I always fantasised about. I was so similar to all the other kids and although competitive and often the winner I was never head and shoulders above my peers with ability. I just never lost sight of the dream I always wished would come true. After every successful jump whether it was at the local BMX track, at our jumps we would make in the bush or at international FMX events I always passed on the keys to those hesitant who shared a similar dream to me. A big part of my character has always wanted to pass on what I had learned to help those around me reach their dreams. After a long career, a great opportunity arose to work with the amazing award-winning author Garry Fleming. I felt this was the perfect play to pass on the most important message of all I had learnt, to believe in yourself and to never lose sight of what your heart truely desires. I had the opportunity to pass this on to those who need it the most, the unconditioned kids and stars of the future. Thank you, GF you have helped me give all my crazy adventures a deeper meaning, and for that I will always be great full to work with you, inspiring kids to be their best regardless of their ultimate dream.

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