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About Us

At Iron and Resin Garage we do things a little differently... Here's our story and why we are eager to help you find the right gear for your riding life.


We have 1 location, not part of a chain owned by a corporation. We're not answering to some money-hungry board and we're way more interested in a life of family and riding bikes. On the road, on the track, in the dirt... we just love motorcycles


We are Luke Young and Bruce Robson, the guys who own the store and run the store. We'll answer every email and phone enquiry ourselves and are on the retail floor making sure your questions are answered and every option is explored.


Bikes are our passion. We ride them every day, admire them and keep as many around as we can. We love all kinds... but we’re especially fond of the unusual, old and custom. Whether you wanna look good, go fast, or get dirty, we love your passion. We don't have a workshop to fit parts for you, so we've chosen
the best parts you can fit yourself.


At Iron and Resin Garage we search out gear we think is special, not just the same stuff everyone else has. Our selection has a purpose and we choose it carefully. Less is more and we aren't making you wade through piles of the same old stuff to find the best. We have brands that we bring in from around
the world exclusively, so you don't have to look like everyone else in the pack if you don't want to.


We've been surrounded by bikes forever. In past lives we travelled the world working as the MC for Nitro Circus, X-Games and Crusty Demons. We've taken people riding through India, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, America and Europe. We've commentated the biggest Supercross events in Australia and New Zealand including AusX Open and Super X. We ride lots and surround ourselves with riders of everyability and variety. We don't care what brand, style or size your bike is, just ride em.


We've got a stash of cool old bikes from almost every era including old Indians, BSA's Bultaco's, Harleys and frankensteins Come see them for yourself at our real-life shop on the Gold Coast.


We are more than just an on-line or retail store. We are a meeting place to start, end or pit stop during a ride. Every day we are surrounded by the motorcycle community. There are always bikes parked out front of Iron and Resin Garage. While inside, the latest gear is here to try on and take home, plus there are big juicy burgers, great coffee, tunes and beers. Next time you're on the Gold Coast, drop on in. IF you wanna know the best roads, we'll help you find them. If you need help fixing something, we'll point you in the right direction. And if we don't have what you need, we'll either get it for you, or happily send you towards someone we know will help.
Mon - Fri - 6am-2pm
Sat - Sun - 7am - 2pm