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Biltwell Chromoly Seat Hinge

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SKU 4322
Colour: Black

A quality component for solo seat installation on custom choppers. If your frame's backbone doesn't already have our hinge bung welded in place, you'll have to do some grinding and welding to make this part work.

Technical Details

  • Investment-cast 4130 chromoly hinge head with Biltwell wordmark branding
  • Laser-cut 4130 chromoly mounting strap is TIG welded to the cast head
  • Raw investment-cast steel seat hinge bung welds onto frame for installation
  • Seat hinge bung features press-fit bronze bushings for smooth operation
  • Chrome plated grade-8 shoulder bolt for smoother pivot action
  • Black electroplated finish after welding for rugged good looks

 Form and Function

It takes grinding, welding and repainting to properly install this seat hinge on your motorcycle. If you don't have the tools and confidence for these steps, please consider another way to install your seat. This hinge works by creating a pivoting point between the nose of your solo seat and the backbone of your frame. The black strap bolts to the underside of the seat; the raw steel bung must be welded to your frame. After light fabrication and repaint work, the two pieces bolt together with the chrome shoulder bolt provided. A light smear of grease on the shoulder bolt and a drop of blue Loc-Tite on its threads keeps everything working tight and tidy for years.